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Lately we hear a lot about our 'stars' who undertake new plastic surgeries...

For what? To extend their youth? Get rid of the wrinkles and smoothen their skin? Or maybe because they want to look attractive? Are there really no other ways to keep the young  appearance without  having to use a scalpel and injections? For some, changing and correcting what nature gave us is a shameful interference, but for others it is the perfect way to do up their looks.

Everyone one of us when looking in the mirror dreams of a smooth face of a 20 or 30 year old instead of a wrinkly skin of a 50 year old! Doubts about our outer appearance can easily bring down the frame of mind of many of us. They discourage us to live an active life and can be an intermediate reason for private life misfortunes. This is why even a small correction changes our appearance but also the way we look at ourselves. The solicitude (especially exaggerated) about our external presence can often result in negative reactions from the community, but what cannot be denied that the first impression we create has a strong effect on the judgement of us as a person.

Of course I am not inviting you to a mass interference into the work of nature, which is the human body neither am I suggesting an extreme change of appearance to become like the stars created by the media. Nevertheless, if you are bothered by some kind of a defect, ruining the harmony of your beauty and having a negative effect on your fig it is worth thinking about an invasive way of solving the problem by using the aesthetic medicine..

This is why recently you can hear a lot about Platinum Collagen. Thanks to which, in an easy way you can for example, get rid of wrinkles, smoothen your skin, improve its pigmentation and restore its elasticity - because Collagen will penetrate and soften your epidermis. It will slow down the ageing process of the skin - regenerating and hydrating it. It is also used in many, many different illnesses, but we will talk about that later.

And now tell me what do you choose: Scalpel or Collagen?

Remember for the care of your face, neck and décolletage we recommend Collagen Platinum.

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