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To compliment the Atelo Gold Line of cosmetics, COLWAY created this makeup remover.
• Cleansing
• Softening
• Protective
• Soothing
• Hydrating
• Regulating (it regulates the lipid bilayer)
Contains Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) - one of primary elements in keeping skin feeling and looking healthier, No SLS
With first use your skin is left delicately cleansed, even from waterproof makeup, the product creates a protective-hydrating layer and leaves your skin feeling fresh and relaxed.





Thanks to the unique combination of ingredients the conditioner works on the full lenght of your hair, from roots to ends! The formula stimualtes blood flow through the nerv endings within the hair root and this in turn allows for increased nutrishion to help stimulate hair growth.
Effects: With first use, hair feels smoother and stays fresh for longer. This product is ideal for those who do not want to wash their hair every day as it reduces the tendency for hair to become oily.
Directions for use: Apply a small amount to hair lenghts and scalp, massage for 1 to 2 minutes and rinse. Use every time you shampoo your hair.
For best effects use with Colway Thickening Shampoo. Even after a handful of washes your hair will begin to appear thicker, and after several weeks of use the change will become apparent.







Succinol atellocollagen is collagen solubilized by protease, but maintains the physical properties of the natural, non-dissolved collagen. Succinol atellocollagen addition has an additive, enhanced action does not occur with the natural substance.

Collagen is known for its very low antigenic properties (or reactivity, means for example. That it causes only a minor immune response) because the major part of the collagen molecule is composed of a sequence of gxy amino acids which do not differ remarkably even in the representatives of the various species in the world animals. It is believed that in the presence of even small antigenic properties, the collagen telopeptides are responsible situated at the ends of collagen molecules that do not contain sequences gxy. Because the succinol atellocollagen is devoid of telopeptides, antigenicity thereof is even lower than collagen.

In addition to the low antigenicity, succinol atellocollagen is obtained in a very pure form. This involves the use of a protease, which is used in the extraction of collagen, disconnects other proteinaceous impurities.

Succinol atellocollagen may be prepared in various configurations. Its characteristic is that it is soluble in a liquid form may be converted into a wide variety of other shapes. By drying the solution may be obtained succinol atellocollagen in the form of a film, by freeze-drying can be achieved sponge like structure, and the configurations of the string are obtainable by extrusion (extrusion). It is also possible to obtain powders, granules, or gels. Therefore, it is possible to obtain a form atelokolagenu to adapt the configuration for the corresponding application in order to obtain the best results.

By chemical modification atelokolagenu, its physical properties can be varied. For example succinol atellocollagen is normally insoluble in water at neutral pH, but by appropriate modification can be alelokolagen soluble in this environment. It is also possible atelokolagenu as a coagulant or an anticoagulant as well as you can control the rate of absorption by the body.

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