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Collagen is a protein of the connective tissue, which makes up about 30% of the body’s protein for mammals. Collagen is the main biopolymer for living beings and fulfils a very important function in the correct functioning of the system. This fibrous protein of the connective tissue comprises 70% of the skin and is a necessary element of the human skeleton. Its unique physical and chemical features ensure the transfer of forces from the sinews and maintain the appropriate firmness and flexibility of the skin.

After the age of 25 the levels of collagen become depleted and this leads to many unfavourable changes, mainly in the skin, which loses its firmness, flexibility and smoothness. What is more, these changes coincide with the loss of suitable moisture content and resulting in wrinkles and lines. Thanks to its valuable features and extremely important function in the proper functioning of the system, collagen is continuously the focus of attention of doctors, biologists, biotechnologists, and cosmetologists.

It is a biopolymer which, thanks to its unique properties, is used especially to manufacture such medical materials as sutures, collagen foils, transplant membranes, artery prosthesis, collagen sponges and medicine capsules. Up to now these forms of collagen were mainly obtained from pig or cow skins, which is dangerous due to the risk of disease transfer, i.e. BSE or allergies. Collagen from animal skin is a firm net, making it impossible for it to penetrate human skin, this penetration also being impeded by the consistency of this product.

The methods used to obtain collagen from cows or pigs are also chemically aggressive since they use very strong acids, which results in a product that is not natural, unlike Natural Collagen Inventia®. Natural Collagen Inventia® has the consistency of an easily absorbed gel, containing over 90% of collagen as dry matter. The collagen is obtained from fish skin, therefore it is free of pathogenic factors, and, to be more specific, it is an innovative way of obtaining collagen that keeps the spatial, native structure of the triple helix at temperatures in the range 5 to 28ºC.

By supplementing collagen deficiencies through supplying one identical with human collagen, our skin becomes rich in elements necessary for collagen to be created, and our fibroblasts are forced to increase the synthesis of this unique protein. The skin restores its own youthful look, firmness and shine. Our product is obtained in a natural way. Apart from collagen, it contains other precious proteins such as elastin. Their proportions are natural and identical with those selected by nature in the course of evolution, ensuring that as living beings we have the possibility of regenerating our skin.

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