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A Polish discovery  

Pioneered by a team of scientists from the Gdansk Institute of Chemistry in Gdansk, Poland. Later advanced stages were carried out in cooperation with the Specialist Research Laboratory ITA-TEST and an Institute of Dermatological Research and Chemical Cosmetic Products in Warsaw.

In the early 90s, two polish researchers, Dr. Maria Sadowska and Dr. Ilona Kolodzieiska, were the first to discover the specific and amazing benefits of collagen extracted from the Silver Carp, commonly known as the Balken Carp. They focused their methods from all fish by-products to extracting the collagen from the skin using an acidic polysaccharide derived from plant tissue. Their discoveries and techniques were further developed by Professor Josef Przybylski of The University Institute of Chemistry in Gdansk, Poland. He spearheaded a large scale research operation which discovered that specific filtering methods using fibrous silk filtration could be used to obtain triple helix structures in the large quantities necessary for cosmetic production.

Collagen Natural contains collagen that is closely structured to human collagen and that is why it is easily absorbed into the skin. The proteins must be less than 350,000 molecular weight to be absorbed and the protein chains produced from carp for Collagen Natural are in the 250,000 to 310,000 range. Bovine or pig collagen cannot be absorbed through the skin and must be injected to be effective. Collagen Natural provides all the benefits of introducing new collagen without the painful procedures associated with cosmetic surgery.

colagen historyThe results of this revolutionary skin care have amazed clinicians. You will immediately notice a tightening of the skin as the product begins to work. Fine lines disappear! Within 30 minutes of application, new collagen is introduced into the cells. Once absorbed, a mesh-like structure of protein is formed creating the building blocks for new collagen produced by the fibroblasts that bind moisture and lipofilic substances. Independent studies in Poland, the USA, and France verified results of studies using electron microscopes confirming the increased production of collagen by the fibroblasts. The result is an increase in mucine and derma thickness.

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