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kolagen silver 100ml

The Natural Collagen Q5-26 Silver is specifically formulated for application to the whole body.

 The Natural Collagen Q5-26 Silver is specially recommended for:

     *  sports injuries, such as strains and sprains

     *  people recovering from injuries

     *  lumbar and spinal pains

     *  overall body massages

     *  aching joints

To perform a massage, apply Natural Collagen Q5-26 Silver to the body and proceed in either of two ways:

1. Use only Natural Collagen Q5-26 Silver and massage it into the body, as it gets absorbed through the skin very quickly, the further massage can be facilitated by the application of a "lubricant" e.g. baby oil.

2. Tapping and massaging enhances Natural Collagen penetration through the skin, which intensifies its capacity of assimilation. It is recommended to get a massage every day, with a particular attention given to the areas of intensive pain.

Before using Natural Collagen Q5-26 Silver the following procedures must be followed:

* Thoroughly wash and clean the whole body.

* Apply Natural Collagen Q5-26 Silver and gently massage into the skin, whilst skin is still moist.

* Apply your usual body lotion.

* Body peeling should be carried out once or twice a week.


Do not apply Natural Collagen Q5-26 products directly after using cleansing tonics. Collagen is a protein which will break down in the presence of acids contained in tonics and other skin cleansers.

It should be applied on well-washed and moist skin. It should not be used together with cosmetics whose pH is <3 and >9 as well as those with contain zinc. The minimum time between application of collagen and application of the above - mentioned cosmetics should be about fifteen minutes.

For optimum results, Natural Collagen Q5-26 should be applied three times a day

Keep boxed in a cool place from 5 to 28 degrees Centigrade (41 - 82.5 F)

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