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kolagen graph 100ml

Natural Collagen Q5-26 Graphite has the following suggested uses:

   *  Hair care

   *  Nail care

Restore beauty to the hair and nails - gray hair gets darker, brows and eye lashes start growing again; nails get harder and elastic (due to the high content of pigment.

Nursing preparation for intimate areas for Men

    * Improves actions of the sexual sphere (vitality), restoring the proper function of cavernous bodies and the epithelium layer of external sexual organs, strentghtening the structual skeleton of the protein shields of the testicles and the prostate gland, also giving them the proper fullness

    * perfectly nurses the motor apparatus after traumas or in the course of their duration (it regenerates epithelium structures).

    * nurses intimate areas at excessive force training.

For hair care:

High absorption through epidermis layers. Significant hydrophility. Applied on hair restores its natural color and elasticity. Eliminates seborrhoeic changes, dandruff, inflammatory states. Improves hair growth upon continuous application. Lipolytic functions

Applications:Hair after Natural Collagen Graphite Treatment

    * care of hair, eyebrows, eyelashes

    * cellulites

    * circumferential and central obesity

    * for men in the time period of their andropause and somatopause.

Wash hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo, apply the Natural Collagen Q 5-26 Graphite and massage vigorously into the scalp and hair, do not rinse hair. Dry hair at a low temperature by holding dryer some distance away from scalp.

Nails after Natural Collagen Graphite TreatmentFor nail care:

Remove all traces of nail varnish, avoid acetone based removers.

Wash hands with warm water and soap especially around cuticles and in between fingers.

Apply Natural Collagen Q5-26 Graphite over moist hands including around the cuticles apply a moisturizing cream.

Natural Collagen Graphite for Bathing

Collagen baths facilitate the application of collagen to the whole body and visibly enhance the condition of the skin.

The temperature of the bath should approximate that of a human body.

During a warm bath, collagen becomes decomposed into amino acids which areWoman in the Bath indispensable to human organisms.

Transdermal (through the skin) absorption of amino acids is faster than through the digestive system.

Exogenous amino acids enter the organism transdermally and render the regeneration of proteins possible.

Amino acid baths are especially recommended at the old age and for those people who strain themselves either physically or mentally, because they serve as energy supplementation.

A bath should be taken twice a week, with 20-30 ml of collagen added to the water, and last for about 15-25 minutes.

Application for intimate areas for Men.

Natural Collagen Q5-26 Graghite should be used 2 times a day in the amount of 2 ml in form of energetic massage covering the external skin of the crotch and the sexual organs.

The rules of septic are applicable while using.

On obtaining the expected effect, the application should be carried on 2 - 3 times a week.

For persons in the time of their andropause and somatopause the massage of the whole body and paying special attention to the motor organ is advisable.

For sportsmen the massage of the whole body before and after sports contests is recommended.


Do not apply Natural Collagen Q5-26 products directly after using cleansing tonics. Collagen is a protein which will break down in the presence of acids contained in tonics and other skin cleansers.

It should be applied on well-washed and moist skin. It should not be used together with cosmetics whose pH is < 3 and 9 > as well as those with contain zinc. The minimum time between application of collagen and application of the above - mentioned cosmetics should be about fifteen minutes.

For optimum results, Natural Collagen Q5-26 should be applied 3 times a day.

Keep boxed in a cool place from 5 to 28 degrees Centigrade (41 - 82.5 F).

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